FIG (Charleston)

FIG, an acronym for "Food Is Good," is a true culinary gem nestled in the heart of Charleston. Led by the talented chef Mike Lata, this beloved restaurant has become a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike.

At FIG, the focus is on locally sourced ingredients, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and seasonality. The restaurant prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients from local farms and purveyors, ensuring that each dish celebrates the bounty of the region. With a creative blend of Mediterranean and Lowcountry flavors, FIG's menu is a captivating journey that delights the taste buds and satisfies the senses. more here

The dedication to exceptional service and attention to detail sets FIG apart. From the moment you step through the door, the warm and inviting ambiance welcomes you, creating an atmosphere where every guest feels like a cherished patron. The knowledgeable and passionate staff go above and beyond to provide a memorable dining experience, offering recommendations, sharing stories behind the ingredients, and ensuring that each guest's needs are met with care and attentiveness.

FIG's reputation as one of Charleston's top dining destinations is well-deserved. Its commitment to showcasing the best of locally sourced ingredients, combined with the creative mastery of Chef Mike Lata, has garnered praise from critics and diners alike. The restaurant's dedication to excellence and its ability to flawlessly execute each dish have made it a beloved institution in the culinary scene.

Whether you're a Charleston local or a visitor exploring the city's vibrant food culture, a meal at FIG is an experience not to be missed. With its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and the celebration of flavors, FIG continues to delight and captivate diners, leaving a lasting impression of culinary excellence.

In summary, FIG is a Charleston culinary gem led by chef Mike Lata. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, a creative blend of Mediterranean and Lowcountry flavors, and a commitment to exceptional service, FIG has earned its place among the top dining destinations in Charleston. The restaurant's dedication to excellence and its passion for showcasing the best of the region's flavors make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts and those seeking an exceptional dining experience. view more